Both courses remain open. However, we need your help with a few items below:

  1. Call to reserve a tee time.  Walk-ins may experience delays.
  2. Tell us the names of all players in your group.
  3. Tell us who will be walking and who will be riding.
  4. Please call if you need to cancel or if the number of people in your group changes.
  5. Once you and your group is loaded up and ready to go, let the starter know.
  6. We have increased the time interval between starting times. Please maintain social distance.
  7. With the limited amount of tee times, we will be pairing people together in all cases. Expect each tee time to have 4-5 players.


Current Days and Hours of Operation:


Mondays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)

Tuesdays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)

Wednesdays- closed

Thursdays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)

Fridays- closed 

Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm. (carts in by 6pm)


Mondays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)

Tuesdays- closed

Wednesdays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)


Fridays- 9-5 (carts in by 5pm)

Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm. (carts in by 6pm)

We are adapting each day to the various mandates and restrictions designed to assist our communities in slowing the spread of COVID-19.   With the latest recommendations we feel changes in our operation are necessary to protect our customers and employees during visits to the golf facilities. 

Restaurants: Per mandate, the restaurants at Querbes and Huntington are currently closed.  Snacks, drinks, and to-go items will be available for pickup and from our beverage cart.  

Check-in: We ask that players check in one at a time in the Pro shop. Please maintain social distance while waiting for the attendant to be available to check you in.  We ask customers not to congregate in the pro shops while waiting for the shop attendant.   We request that credit or debit cards be used for payments at this time.

Carts: Golfers will be asked to ride in carts individually therefore, CARTS WILL BE LIMITED at certain times. 

Reserving tee times:  Please call the pro shop to reserve tee times. This will allow us to confirm the availability of carts.   Online reservation is not currently available.

Play: We ask that players maintain recommended social distance between playing partners.

Gof cups and flags on the course will be raised above turf level.  This will prevent golf balls from entering the cup. Golfers should not touch the flag or cup. 

The interval between tee times will be increased so that the number of individuals in any given area will be reduced.

The golf staff will be cleaning and disinfecting the facilities constantly throughout hours of operation. We ask customers to help as we maintain a clean facility.  Please wash and sanitize hands frequently, maintain social distance, stay home if you are sick or compromised, and follow our guidelines.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Any future changes or updates will be communicated via email, Facebook and through our website