The largest upcoming golf course maintenance endeavor is aerification.  Over the years I have received numerous questions regarding aerification.  Aerification in the mind of most golfers is a dirty word.  To most it means that their course will be rendered less playable for several weeks.  However, this is necessary to maintain good putting surfaces on high traffic areas, like golf greens.  Aerification helps turf grasses in a variety of different ways.


  • It increases water infiltration ( water movement into the soil )
  • It increases water percolation ( water movement through the soil )
  • It relieves compaction ( better developed root system )
  • It increases oxygen exchange ( increase the plants ability to function )
  • Increased water movement means less disease pressure on the grass
  • Better water movement means less algae problems
  • Oxygenates the root zone ( healthier root system )
  • Helps to remove/control thatch buildup ( removes dead plant material )


With all of the benefits from aerification, you can see how it is necessary to maintain a strong healthy turf.  Aerification is to turfgrass as exercise and eating healthy is to us.  It is not the most enjoyable thing one can do but the results make it worth while.

We appreciate your patience as we undergo this process at our golf facilities over the next month. Huntington Park will aerify greens on Wednesday August 22 while Querbes Park will aerify greens on Tuesday September 4. We have and will continue to do everything possible to insure a quick recovery. We thank you again for your patience and look forward to seeing you on the course.