Thanks to all who played in the Querbes Classic this past weekend! 

Here are the results from the 3 flights over two days of play. Congratulations to our winners! 👏

🏆 1st place- 1st flight
Marc McConnell
Jason Kuperman

2nd place- 1st flight
Tommy Dupee
John Mast

3rd place- 1st flight
Jacob Jerome
Kenny Jerome

🏆 1st place- 2nd flight
Corey Pepper
Cody Culbreath

2nd place- 2nd flight
Adam Choate
Neil Thomason

3rd place- 2nd flight
David McAlister
Jerry Peyton

🏆 1st place- 3rd flight
Zachery Pearson
Tim Pearson

2nd place- 3rd flight
Danny Deck
Ray Kethley

3rd place- 3rd flight
Jon Orta
Trey Woodham