Congratulations to the following winners of the Querbes Classic Tournament!


1ST PLACE- 1ST FLIGHT Keith Cosby & Chad “Big Papa” Rhoden

2ND PLACE- 1st FLIGHT Jacob Wyatt & Thomas Bates

3RD PLACE- 1st FLIGHT Tracy Maxwell & Greg Eseman

1st PLACE- 2ND FLIGHT Forest Fergert & Terry Hurd

2ND PLACE- 2ND FLIGHT Danny McMillan & Justin McMillan

3RD PLACE- 2ND FLIGHT Alan Wagner & Rob Delauder

1ST PLACE- 3RD FLIGHT Clay Goodwin & daughter. 9 year old, Grace Goodwin

2ND PLACE- 3RD FLIGHT Steve Drierer & William Vincent

3RD PLACE- 3RD FLIGHT Zac Pearson & Tim Pearson